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Riding on Japan’s Amazing Overnight First Class Train | West Express Ginga “First Seat”


Today we are riding on Japan’s New Overnight First Class train, the West Express Ginga in the First Class “First Seat.” Fee: 45,000JPY/340USD/325EUR/26,500INR Route: Kyoto-Izumo-Kyoto (Round trip) Train: West Express Ginga Type: First Seat Experience: Buckwheat soup is clay. Web: 0:00 Introduction 0:58 Route & Price 1:18 Train Entrance 1:40 First Class Seat. 2:22 Seat・・・

Overnight Sleeper Train in Japan 😴 Twin Room Experience 🛏 10 Hour Trip from TOKYO Solo Travel Vlog


Sunrise Express Izumo & Seto (寝台特急サンライズ出雲瀬戸号) is Japan’s only overnight sleeper train which runs everyday. This time, I traveled from Tokyo Station to Takamatsu Station (東京→高松) on a twin room called “Sunrise Twin” (B寝台個室サンライズツイン). It’s a 800km (500 miles) trip that takes about 10 hours. It’s expensive to stay at Sunrise Twin alone, so I・・・

Riding on Japan’s Amazing Luxurious Train | Saphir Odoriko Premium Green


Today we are riding on Japan’s Most Luxurious Train Sear from Tokyo to Atami on Saphir Odoriko. Fee: 6,640JPY/50USD (Green) Fee: 8,140JPY /60USD(Premium Green) Route: Tokyo-Atami, Ito-Shinagawa(Tokyo). Train: Saphir Odoriko. Type: Green Class (Tokyo-Atami) & PREMIUM Green Class (Ito-Shinagawa(Tokyo)) Saphir Odoriko Web: Experience: Best Pasta I’ve had on a train. 0:00 Introduction 0:22 Train・・・

Riding on Japan’s Cheapest Overnight Train | Sunrise Express


Today, we are riding the extended Sunrise Seto Express from Tokyo to Kotohira. Fee: 15000JPY/110USD Route: Tokyo – Kotohira. Train: Sunrise Express Seto. Type: Nobi Nobi Berth. Experience: My First Car. 0:00 Introduction 0:22 Vending Machine Ramen Stand 2:20 Seat Introduction 6:48 Uncoupling Event. 8:43 Great Seto Sea Crossing 9:40 Breakfast. 13:16 Shower time. 14:46・・・

Cheapest Capsule Seat on Japan’s Overnight Ferry 😴🛳 21 Hour Voyage Travel Vlog 東京九州フェリー それいゆ 船旅 旅行


Tokyo Kyushu Ferry Soleil / Hamayu (東京九州フェリー それいゆ はまゆう 横須賀 新門司) is Japan’s overnight ferry that operates regularly. It’s a 976km (607 miles) voyage that takes 21 hours from Yokosuka Ferry Terminal in Kanagawa Prefecture to Shinmoji Ferry Terminal in Fukuoka Prefecture. This time, I stayed at the cheapest room like a capsule hotel called・・・

Riding on Japan’s Most Luxurious Private Compartment | Saphir Odoriko


Today we will be riding on Japan Railway’s most luxurious private compartment on the Saphir Odoriko limited express. Fee: 27,750JPY/210USD Route: Tokyo-Izukyu Shimoda Train: Saphir Odoriko Limited Express Train Room: Private First Class Compartment (for 6) Experience: ¥400 orange juice Intro 0:00 Train arrives 0:46 Room Tour 2:04 Menu Check 6:13 Lunch 9:30 Shoreline of・・・

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