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Awesome Ferry Travel on a Small Budget | Tokyo to Hokkaido


I tried the second cheapest cabin on the ferry to Hokkaido Japan. Even though it was a capsule, I still had a great moment in the morning. 17 hrs 45 min ferry travel. MOL Ferry’s First Class Premium Cabin Other recommended videos Trying a Japanese Style Tatami Cabin on the Ferry | Osaka to Shinmoji・・・

Traveling From Beppu to Osaka Japan by Old Overnight Ferry


I traveled from Beppu to Osaka by old overnight ferry and I had an unforgettable experience when the ferry was leaving the port. The ferry is operated by Ferry Sunflower I booked through its website. It’s available in English (Ferry Sunflower English) Kyushu trip started from Osaka. I took a cool overnight ferry to Kagoshima.・・・

Solo Travel in Kagoshima Japan | Active Volcano | Juicy Tonkatsu


I traveled to Kagoshima in Kyushu, southwestern Japan. This is where you will find a delicious Tonkatsu and a great view of Sakurajima. It’s absolutely a beautiful place to visit in Japan. I took an overnight ferry from Osaka to Kagoshima. Other recommended videos Traveling Japan by First Class Overnight Ferry | Hokkaido to Tokyo・・・

Winter Rail Travel in Japan


0 ◆This winter in Japan, we had several heavy snowfalls. I really enjoyed the train trip in the beautiful snowy scenery. ✔︎My another channel ✔︎Related Videos Riding the Sleeper Train in Japan on a Heavy Snow Day (Tokyo→Izumo-shi) FIRST CLASS on THE SHINKANSEN in JAPAN (Niigata→Tokyo) What a FIRST CLASS on THE OVERNIGHT TRAIN・・・

How to Spend 14 Days in Japan – A Japan Travel Itinerary


0 In this two-week Japan itinerary, we’ll be visiting seven different locations. We’ll go from modern cities like Tokyo to more remote places such as Takayama. I’ll be covering the most essentials things to do, travel expenses, transportation, and more. Follow me on: ► Instagram:​​ Where I stayed in Japan: Osaka IAM Hotel ►​・・・

10 Best Places to Visit in Japan – Travel Video


With its enormous cities and towering skyscrapers brightly clad in neon lights, Japan is a fun country to visit, full of history and with a rich cultural heritage. Temples and shrines dot its streets, while world-class restaurants rub shoulders with ancient castles and imperial palaces, and its cities bustle with life and energy. Japan is・・・

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