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This couple is cycling around the world for two years!

Trip on cycle

Two years on the Road! If you want to support us check the links below! ► Get one of Olgas selfmade postcards directly from our trip: ▹▹ ► Support our work: ▹▹ PayPal ▹▹ ▹▹ Bitcoin ▹▹ 1KSaeFx2XS11VYF9tQ78eWogTMshzMWSx4 ► Where are we now? ▹▹ ► Sustainable clothes made from wood: ▹▹ 5€・・・

21 year old rides unicycle 5000km across China!

Trip on cycle

The next video in this series (Vietnam): FOLLOW ME Instagram: Facebook: Ed Unicycles China [Ep. 29 – The Final Episode] So that’s it. In this one I reach the Vietnam border and finally complete my 3403miles, 6 month crossing of China. I really hope that you enjoyed watching these videos. They took・・・

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