Hotel Cargo Shinsaibashi (ホテルカーゴ心斎橋) is a Japanese style premium capsule hotel located in Namba, Osaka (カプセルホテル 難波 大阪). I stayed in a cheap but luxurious private room overnight. I was really satisfied because the hotel was very clean and had a nice public bath.

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
—Hotel Cargo Shinsaibashi Osaka—
* I was surprised to see a male foreign tourist wearing slippers in the public bath.
* The modern Japanese style design was good.
* The capsule room itself is spacious, but the desk in the room is too small to do anything.
* There is no hair dryer on the guest room floor to prevent noise, but someone brought it from the public bath floor.
* I think it’s one of the best places to stay cheaply in expensive Osaka.

A challenge to visit every country in the world… “Japan” is the “1st” country that I visited out of all the 196 counties in the world.

☆How to get to this place☆
* Hotel Cargo Shinsaibashi; About 5 minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station 🏨
* Restaurant Ushinofuku; A few minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station 🍽

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0:00 Staying at a Japanese style premium capsule hotel in Osaka 大阪のプレミアムなカプセルホテルに宿泊
0:29 Check in to Hotel Cargo Shinsaibashi ホテルカーゴ心斎橋
1:24 Guest room area 客室エリア
4:47 Restaurant Ushinofuku 牛ノ福のビフテキ丼
8:35 Public bath 大浴場