Finally ghost town airport became very busy place!! Checking Narita Airport atmosphere and showing how to get to Narita airport from Tokyo station by shuttle bus and trains both way!! Eating “Otonano Okosama Lunch” at Fujiya restaurant at the airport. Hope this video can be a help for your future Japan travel!! More adventures are coming, please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so that you can find my channel much easier, and it really encourages me to keep shooting videos😆!! Arigatooooo, Let’s keep walking!!

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Video Time line
0:00 Intro
0:16 Tokyo Station’s atmosphere
2:16 How to Go to Narita Airport from Tokyo Station by Shuttle Bus
5:41 Narita Airport terminal No.3 International Flights
10:26 Narita Airport Food Review “Fujiya” Popular Japanese Foods
16:35 How to Go to Terminal No.3 to Terminal No.2
18:20 Narita Anime Deck
23:00 How to Go to Tokyo Station by Local Trains
25:56 Which is Better Train or Shuttle Bus to Narita Airport from Tokyo Station
28:59 Something Extra

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