Ferry Rokko (Miyazaki Car Ferry Co., Ltd. フェリーろっこう 宮崎カーフェリー) is Japan’s newest overnight ferry that just started operating on October 4th.
This time, I traveled 495 km (307mi) from Kobe to Miyazaki in the second cheapest room on the ship called Dormitory.

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
—Dormitory Room, Ferry Rokko—
* All the facilities were new and clean.
* The ferry smelled like new construction.
* I forgot to take a video, but there was a shop, so you can buy anything.
* The buffet restaurant was good value for money.
* While the ferry was underway, I could see nothing but the horizon outside.
* I forgot to use the $20 coupon.

A challenge to visit every country in the world… “Japan” is the “1st” country that I visited out of all the 196 counties in the world.

☆How to get to this place☆
* Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal: About 10 minute by bus from Sannomiya Station 🛳
MAP: https://www.miyazakicarferry.com/en/terminal/
* Miyazaki Port Ferry Terminal: About 15 minute by bus from Miyazaki Station ⛴
MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/XjW5XSZLi8X4PN9k9

Thanks for watching! 😉

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0:00 Depart from Sannomiya Station 三ノ宮駅から出発
0:42 Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal 神戸三宮フェリーターミナル 全国旅行支援
1:36 Dormitory Room on Ferry Rokko フェリーろっこう 宮崎カーフェリー
7:09 Public bath
11:21 Arrival at Miyazaki Port Ferry Terminal 宮崎港フェリーターミナルに到着