Ferry we boarded this time
Japanese/Western Suite
The room is furnished with a bed and tatami mats, and has a large window with a view of the Seto Inland Sea.
With a full array of amenities, you’re sure to have a great cruise! You can also visit the game corner… ♪

00:00 Opening
01:23 Ferry boarding!
02:48 Entering the suite Japanese/Western room!
3:26 A full array of amenities! (bath salts, shower caps, hairbrushes, etc.)
04:39 Introduction to the baths!
05:32 Departure from Osaka Port (Farewell to Orange Ferry)
06:30 All-you-can-eat dinner
08:49 Introduction to the baths
10:08 Introduction to the store Shochu. Original cookies and stamp card purchased
11:37 Introduction of vending machines on board the ferry
12:07 Play in the game corner! Miracle sparrow reunion! Will you get it!
13:52 Souvenirs purchased at the store sake
16:07 Passage of the Seto Ohashi Bridge
17:20 All-you-can-eat breakfast
18:42 Spending the last time indoors

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【倍率37倍❗️】幻の電車エクスプレス銀河のファーストシートに乗って11時間の電車旅 大阪〜下関

日本初の無印良品が経営するMUJI HOTEL GINZAに宿泊してきました。

In this channel, I am traveling alone in Japan!
I will introduce interesting things that have developed uniquely in Japan such as ferries, trains, bullet trains, capsule hotels, etc.