Today we are riding on Japan’s Most Luxurious Train Sear from Tokyo to Atami on Saphir Odoriko.

Fee: 6,640JPY/50USD (Green)
Fee: 8,140JPY /60USD(Premium Green)
Route: Tokyo-Atami, Ito-Shinagawa(Tokyo).
Train: Saphir Odoriko.
Type: Green Class (Tokyo-Atami) & PREMIUM Green Class (Ito-Shinagawa(Tokyo))
Saphir Odoriko Web:
Experience: Best Pasta I’ve had on a train.

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Train Entrance
1:09 Route & Price
1:26 First Class/Green (Seat)
4:43 Train Tour
7:05 Atami (Hot Spring/Walk)
8:47 Train Entrance
9:00 Premium First-Class/Premium Green
9:23 Lunch at the Diner Car.
11:24 Premium First-Class/Premium Green (Seat)
14:34 Snack.