CORFU HIGHLIGHTS | Hiking The Cape Drastis Loop | Corfu Hiking

We are currently staying in Sidari a village in Corfu Greece. We are here to hike the Corfu Trail, but are also exploring some of the other Corfu Highlights in and around the area!

We escaped the Sidari nightlife to hike the Cape Drastis loop, a 2.5 hour long trail which takes in breathtaking scenery both out to sea and looking back on Sidari town.

If you are looking for things to do Corfu, or things to do Sidari, we would recommend this short hike
It passes through a quaint little village of Peroulades and takes you to Sunset beach which has shops and a bar / restaurant.

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We have also decided on some Long distance hiking trails and wild camp UK spots to take in when we are back in the UK
Hopefully we will be hiking and wild camping The Kintyre Way in august and the Snowdonia Slate trail in September!
If we have time …. Maybe even squeeze in the Skye trail

Stay safe everyone!