Day 4 of my New Hampshire Appalachian Trail section hike!

The New Hampshire section of the Appalachian Trail is some of the most rugged and difficult terrain. I decided to tackle the 143 miles of the AT in New Hampshire because I was ready to challenge myself and after thru-hiking over a year ago, I really missed the AT lifestyle!

I went into day 4 a little nervous. There was super wet and rainy weather coming in the afternoon and I had my next 2 4,000-footers of the AT this day, South and North Kinsman Mountains. But first, I had to hike a bit and go up and over Mt. Wolfe, which felt like it was never going to end haha. Then I finally got to the base of the Kinsmans and started the big climb. I was pretty close to the summit when it started raining heavily. Getting to meet and chat with Phillip Carcia near the summit was pretty exciting and definitely helped my mood a little. I knocked out the 2 4,000-footers and descended down. Although the rocks were pretty wet and the trails were incredibly muddy, I managed pretty well! I quickly passed by the first hut of the White Mountains, the Lonesome Lake Hut, and kept on going. I know the video ended abruptly, but I will update you soon!

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Gear used in this video:
Tent –
Backpack –
Shoes –
Water filter –
Quilt –
Sleeping Pad –
Liquid IV (save 15% with code “NAHAMSHA.HIKER”) –


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September 18th, 2022
Mt. Wolfe, South Kinsman, North Kinsman
13.42 miles
5,066 feet of elevation
48.3% done with my section hike!

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