I went hiking the deadliest hiking trail in the world in Huashan mountain near Xi’an, China. It was one of the best experiences I ever had.

Morning time around 6am I woke up and a driver picked me up to take me to the base of Huashan mountain. once I got to the base of Mount Hua I got my tickets to get in the mountain and got the cable car which takes around 10 minutes to go up.

If you take huashan cable car you skip a couple thousand steps but still once you reach up with the cable car you still have to walk around 3500 steps.

Hiking huashan mountain can be one of the deadliest hiking trail in the world because of its safety, once you are going up there is no much protection for you and false step can get you injured very easily in these deadliest hiking trails.
The most famous part of huashan mountain in china is the cliffside plank walk. This huashan cliffside plank walk is very scary and famous for how high it is. This cliffside plank walk attracts many tourists and the queue to go to it may take up to 3 or 4 hours.

I took a whole day to hike huashan mountain, I made a lot of pictures and videos and I even used my drone there. Hiking mount huashan is a bit scary but at the same time you will love it by the pictures you will be able to get.

And this cliffside plank walk is one of the deadliest hiking trails in the world because some people take off their harness so they can have better pictures and once you take it off, one false step and you are gone.

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