Just in time for easter: Hiking Preikestolen/Pulpit Rock in western Norway in early spring. Snow hiking one of the most stunning view points in the world. Probably the most famous view in Norway.

This hike was done at the end of march 2022 from the Preikestolen trailhead. I took the ferry across the Lyse fjord to get to the trailhead, but you can also drive the Ryfast tunnel from Stavanger. There was snow on the trail from around half way, you should bring or rent micro spikes at the store by the trailhead and parking. Parking is 250 kroner a day, micro spikes rental is 100 kroner.

I decided to go completely silent with this hike, no talking.

Filmed in 10 bit 4:2:2 HDR with Sony A7m4

Keep in mind that drones are illegal on and around Preikestolen.

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Music by Melantopia


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