In this series I set out to follow the 100 km route through Tasmanian South-West Wilderness that Sir John Franklin and his party traversed in 1842.

This expedition was of great historic importance to Tasmania and led to the naming of name streams, mountains and plains. After careful research I realised that while some of these features still remain, some are misplaced, and some have been simply lost to time.

This route was partly covered by a group of 6 from the Hobart Walking Club in 1953, using the Frenchmans Cap Walking Track they began their walk about 30km West of where the Franklins had started.

In this series I cover the whole length over a period of 9 days, starting at Lake St Clair and finishing at the Gordon River.

The episodes will each be 25 minutes long, and I am expecting to have 8 episodes released twice weekly, one every Wednesday and one every Sunday at 7:30PM AEST.

If you enjoy my content please support my channel. These trips cost a lot of money, which have all been paid for out of my own pocket. I am not paid by anyone to research, film, edit or produce these videos and the ad revenue generated from most my videos goes directly to the artists whose music I use to back the video.

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