#DJIRS2 #TravelFilm #DJIFilmSchool
DJI RS 2 is a compact gimbal that allows you to capture incredibly smooth videos without all the additional gear.

With that in mind, we partnered with Peter Lindgren to showcase just how to use DJI RS 2 to create the perfect travel film.
From what shots to capture to what lighting to film in – follow along as Peter goes through the nitty gritty of capturing the perfect travel sequence

Learn more about the DJI RS 2 gimbal: https://bit.ly/3naOAJX

0:00-2:10 Introduction to making a travel film
2:11-3:02 How to plan a travel sequence
3:03-3:42 Best lighting for shooting cinematic video
3:43-5:31 Capturing detail shots
5:32-8:20 How to your shots more interesting
8:21-9:21 Creating in-camera transitions
9:22-12:10 Tips for using DJI RS 2