This cinematic travel film idea began as I tested different action camera setups on my travel adventures. When we travel and experience adventures in life it is all about moments right? Last year we bought “ultimate adventure van” with a vanlife idea in mind… we packed our stuff and headed up to the Norway. Some of the moments you can see in this short cinematic travel video.

We love adventures and one of the favourite things we do must be paragliding. I like to call myself “human drone” as with paragliding I am actually getting almost all the drone like cinematic videos. As a paragliding pilot for over 10 years now I always look up towards the mountains and wild nature where I can use my paragliding wing to fly over and explore the area from above.
I worked with bigger camera setups in the past but I hate it. I like the idea of small compact filmmaking setup. Action cameras are perfect for capturing cinematic travel films because of a compact and durable design which is still packed with insanely good video quality. I can always just throw my action camera to my pocket and chase adventure, travel without worries… whenever there is something to film I just take it out point and shoot, bammm. This cinematic travel film is captured all on GoPro action camera and Insta360 action camera. Well ok – there are few cinematic shots captured with the Iphone. Iphone Cinematic video? Yeah I iPhone and smartphones in general are amazing for cinematic travel videos, because you always have them with you and they provide absurd quality. Just imagine having a cinema camera in your pocket!

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What is my favourite camera for cinematic travel videos?
My favourite camera for cinematic travel video making must be something from GoPro or Insta360.

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