Everyone wants to fix their future and this blog is going to explain you how do it by using ancient technique of time travel by breaking space time continuum to alter your future.

Our Rishis knew this and that is why everything was written in coded format in various text of Jyotish.

Maharishi Parashar broke space into minor divisions as small as 0.4 degrees and called it a nadi AMSA chart.

Similarly when we use both Space and Time to perform a remedy -Future gets affected as now you are breaking a space time continuum by deriving the energy using the Machine (Yantra), Sound (Mantra) and Procedure (Tantra).

So Space is visiting a particular temple let us say Kasar Devi temple as this temple is lies on electromagnetic belt of the earth and there is a vibration at this place, When i visited this place whole night i wasn’t able to sleep for a minute and when you do Jaap at such place you can feel the energy in your chakras.

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