today we’re not doing a how to DIY video, and I’m not making a dress out of any crazy material – today, I’m taking you with me to an arctic winter wonderland!

I’m doing a series called the Shopping World Tour, but honestly it inspired me to also just travel to do more than shop (omg?) and I just went on my dream vacation Iceland! It’s been on my mood board for years, so I am crossing it off my bucket list travel vlog style! So from winter fashions to food to sightseeing, swimming in the blue lagoon, snowmobiling through ice caves and riding horses in the snow, here is me adventuring through the Iceland desert for the first time!

Enjoy the very extra travel vlog!!! This is everything you need to do on your trip to Iceland if you find yourself lucky enough to go – and if not, I hope this brings even a small piece of the world you gave me back to you.

All my love. Forever. to Iceland and to the moon and back always,

3,190,000 kisses!
Amber 🙂

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