Join us on day 1 of our Puerto Rico Travel Vlog as we fly from Orlando, Florida to San Juan. We’ll show you our experience flying on Jetblue out of the Orlando International Airport, renting a car and driving in San Juan, Puerto Rico, shopping at a Puerto Rico grocery store, and checking into our Airbnb around 45 minutes from San Juan.
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00:00 – #1 Intro
00:48 – #2 Navigating the the Orlando Airport
02:22 – #3 Flight to San Juan
03:42 – #4 Arriving in San Juan
04:18 – #5 Driving in Puerto Rico
05:27 – #6 Getting Groceries in Puerto Rico
07:07 – #7 Arriving at our rainforest Airbnb
09:20 – #8 A Puerto Rican Dinner
10:07 – #9 Series Preview (exciting things to come)

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