my FIRST trip to GREECE! My boyfriend and I stayed in Athens, Milos and Mykonos but the highlight of the trip was the time we spend in the stunning island of Milos.

0:00-0:22 Intro
0:22-2:13 Athens Acropolis
2:13-6:10 Cliff Jumping at Sarakiniko
6:10-8:25 Provatas Beach
8:25-9:36 Boat to Kleftiko
9:36-11:00 Dinner in Adamas
11:00-13:08 Mykonos

When we booked our trip, we split an $86 a night airbnb. Link to our airbnb is here:
(note: prices change based on time of year, we went during a “shoulder” month meaning it wasn’t peak season yet and wasn’t as busy / expensive. I recommend going to Greece / Europe during May (before peak) or August-Sept (after peak season))

Car rental: 40 euro a day (for a MANUAL) from Milos Rent a Car

Gyros of Milos: right by the pier, can’t miss it!
OKTO: amazing food! a little pricey but worth it
the other restaurants and cafes we stumbled into and I couldn’t find the name / didn’t appear on google maps, but trust me you’ll find good spots!

Music Used:
Music by Singto Conley – GRIEF SEED (feat. Telepathics) –
Music by F1fty Beatz – You –
Music by Mark Generous – Azalea –
Music by Helkimer – icecream (feat. ThinkChill) –
Music by Grace Chiang – biking to the beach –
Music by Naomi – Saturday Light –
Music by Chief Takinawa – Caffe Latte –