We took a street food tour in Chandni Chowk with A Chef’s Tour and ate so much Indian food! We navigated the very busy streets of Old Delhi to try dahi bhalla for the first time, eat sweet paan, try pani puri, drink masala chai tea for the first time in India, try lemon soda, eat roti, and try so many more street foods!

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Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi is the best place to try Indian street food because so many of the shops have been around for more than 100 years. They are passed down from generation to generation and the recipes are perfected through the years. The popularity of these food stalls also makes them a really safe place for foreigners to eat because the food is eaten so constantly that the ingredients are always fresh and delicious!

This video shows our first time eating Indian street food and in it we visit Chandni Chowk and it’s world famous spice market. Although New Delhi is a great place to visit in Delhi, we highly recommend taking the time to try the street food in Old Delhi like we did in this video! We would suggest going with a guide so you can learn about the dishes, try all the best foods, and be confident that you are eating at places that won’t end in a stomach ache!

We cannot recommend A Chef’s Tour more highly if you are trying to decide which food tour company to book with. Our guide, Gajendra, was exceptionally knowledgeable about the food scene in Delhi and did an incredible job at pacing our tour so that we didn’t get too full to enjoy the food!

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== Chapters ==
00:00 Our first Indian street food tour!
00:34 Meet Gajendra from A Chef’s Tour
00:57 Jalebi from a 100+ year old shop!
01:56 The infamous pani puri
03:22 We discovered parathas
04:45 Where has lassi been all our lives?
05:20 Chandni Chowk is so interesting!
05:36 Lemon soda in a magic bottle
07:00 Asia’s largest spice market!
07:45 Trying masala tea in the spice market
09:22 Nicole’s new favourite – rabri
10:40 Will we like sweet paan?
12:09 Dahi Bhalla from the original shop
13:11 Learning how to eat roti with our hands
14:17 Check out A Chef’s Tour in the description 🙂

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