If this Thailand Travel Vlog we head to Pattaya – one of the most famous cities in Thailand that is only a couple hours from Bangkok! We started by trying to walk to the Sanctuary of Truth (which you cannot do from Pattaya Beach). We ended up taking a songthaew there and had the most amazing time! The sanctuary was a lot cooler than we expected! After the Sanctuary of Truth we ended up going to Terminal 21! We’ve been to the Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok many times, but we didn’t know there was one in Bangkok until we drove by it on the way to the Sanctuary of Truth! We ended up eating lunch at the Terminal 21 food court (which is AMAZING) – complete with suki, noodles and chicken, and some Thai desserts! Carles had to stop for some shopping on the way home…..but we then headed out to the famous Pattaya Walking Street to try to watch the Barcelona football game! It was definitely an interesting experience…..and MUCH busier than when we visited Pattaya before!
The following day we visited the Nong Nooch Gardens – another famous tourist attraction in Pattaya! After the gardens we drove 10 minutes away to see the Pattaya Buddha carved into the side of a mountain. It was also a really cool place to visit! Overall we had SO much fun in Pattaya!!!

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00:25 Pattaya Beach in the morning
01:23 Drone shots of Pattaya Beach
01:56 Songthaew to the Sanctuary of Truth
03:07 Sanctuary of Truth viewpoint
04:46 Inside the Sanctuary of Truth
06:22 Terminal 21 in Pattaya
08:19 Terminal 21 Food Court
09:27 Eating Thai Food for Lunch!
11:10 Coconut Ice Cream and Milo Bread
12:23 Pattaya Night Bazaar
13:45 the Walking Street in Pattaya
14:46 Muay Thai on Pattaya Walking Street
15:07 Sunday Morning Moto Rental
16:31 Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens
18:01 Elephant Tricks at Nong Nooch Pattaya
19:40 Dinosaurs at Nong Nooch Gardens
20:49 Pattaya Buddha Mountain
22:19 Pattaya Viewpoint
23:00 Van back to Bangkok!

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