Today’s Bus: MyFlora Tokyo to Tokushima
Price: ¥12900 ($95.59)

Spacious seating arrangement, top-of-the-line car for maximum comfort
Only 12 seats are arranged in a car that can accommodate up to 50 seats. Each seat is separated by a wooden partition, and a curtain can be closed to create the feeling of a private room. A powder room is located in the rear of the car for passengers to change clothes and apply makeup.
Amenities (pile slippers, hand towel), small TV, power outlet
Seat: Seat width 70 cm, depth 50 cm, backrest height 75 cm, width 70 cm
Front/rear spacing Seat pitch (front/rear) 132cm / Legroom 74cm
Reclining 155 degrees

00:00 Opening
00:28 Arrival at Bus Center
02:07 Introduction of private seats
03:26 Departure from Tokyo Station
05:18 Arrival at Shinjuku Bus Terminal
05:50 Rear restrooms & changing rooms
07:14 Expressway Hamamatsu Rest Area
10:31 Pass Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

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