Hotel SEN is a love hotel located in Dotonbori, Osaka, one of Japan’s famous tourist destinations🏩
The exterior of the building has a stylish Japanese design, and the guest room is simple and comfortable. The hotel is generally very clean and the staff are friendly. We had a good experience☺️ I think it’s one of the good choices for traveling to Osaka because it’s a place where you can easily access the Dotonbori shopping street and USJ.



🚃🚶‍♀️How to get to the hotel
3 minutes walk from Namba Station

👫The total cost of this experience was 14,040 yen (98.04 USD / € 98.28)!!.
– The room rate from 6:00 pm to 12:00 noon: 13,540 yen(94.46 USD / € 94.78).
– Member’s card: 500 yen(3.49 USD / € 3.50).
*Room rates vary depending on the room rank.

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⌛️Time Stamp
0:00 Opening
0:12 Dotonbori
0:50 Heading to the hotel
2:26 Room Tour
9:11 Dinner
10:03 Bath time
10:58 Good night
11:10 Good morning
12:05 Breakfast
12:36 GRWM & check-out

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