“This is the true story of The Bucket List Family. An ordinary family that made the life-changing decision to sell everything and leave their home for an extraordinary adventure around the world. With no final destination in mind, they stepped outside their comfort zones and into the great unknown!

The universe rewarded their brave choice with life altering experiences, new friends in new places, cultural experiences that opened their hearts and minds, and magical wildlife encounters like something from a fairytale.

But, this was no vacation. This family journey was also met with trials, obstacles, and heartbreak. Challenges that required them to believe in one another, grow stronger as a family, and together, be brave!

But, this is only the beginning! As this epic tale continues, it’s up to the young family, working together as Travel Journalists, to share true stories from across the globe that will break down borders, conserve our fragile planet, and bring unifying inspiration to our world in a time when we need it most.

The Bucket List Family is a message to the world that no matter your background, race, politics, or beliefs, your family is your world and you decide if it’s filled with love or hate, closed prejudice or open kindness, fear and comfort, or brave adventure!”

– Jessica, Garrett, Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan


Music : Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal – There Will Be Time


Teaching Our 2 YR OLD BABY to Swim Underwater : https://youtu.be/zDFaImmKvKc

Kids Swimming with Sharks!! /// WEEK 107 : Bahamas
The kids swam with nurse sharks in Exuma Bahamas last year! https://youtu.be/IHjHZ2nysSs

5 YR OLD FREE DIVES THE BLUE HOLE!! /// WEEK 105 : Great Blue Hole, Belize
Taking the kids deep diving in Belize! https://youtu.be/Ja4Mp6y2ovU

ADLEY PRINCESS ARIEL MAKEOVER!! the little mermaid in real life with Dorothy Gee https://youtu.be/3ixAEucGcl4

TIGER SHARKS surround our boat. WE SWIM WITH THEM! 🦈 Ep.197 https://youtu.be/xED6jYxWaGg

What’s inside The World Cup Soccer Ball?
We CUT OPEN FIFA 2018 Russia Adidas Telstar Soccer Ball! What is the difference between World Cup Soccer Balls? Subscribe to What’s Inside here : https://youtu.be/3OKagE2ZIRA

Teaching My 1 Year Old Baby How To Swim!!! *INCREDIBLE* https://youtu.be/Yxim8wg6yto

Little Kids Swimming with BIG WHALES!! /// Ultimate Tonga Bucket List Adventure!! https://youtu.be/d3PlAJZs0lQ

5 YR OLD Scuba Dives with GREAT WHITE SHARKS in Mexico!! https://youtu.be/GswI5TjS8PU