Hey Magic Journeys
Join us today as we kick off the holidays at Disneyland with so many new delicious foods! There are so many to try and we want you guys to come along with us!

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0:00 Holiday Intro
1:19 Refreshment Corner
1:35 Butterscotch soda
2:55 Caramel Pecan Pretzel
3:42 Spicy Beef Cheese Sandwich
5:10 Popular item At Jolly Holiday
5:55 Reindeer Sipper
6:13 Famous Mickey GingerBread
7:08 Thankmas Sandwich
7:45 Rancho Del Zocalo
8:21 Chile Verde plate
9:25 Caldo De Pollo
11:11 Disneyland Is So Festive
11:30 Candy Apple Cotton Candy
12:36 Tomorrowland
13:03 Music Box Tin Popcorn Buckets
13:46 Alien Pizza Planet
14:32 Charcuterie Pizza Slice
16:26 Christmas Tree Lighting
17:46 Galactic Grill
18:19 cranberry Bbq Chicken Sandwich
20:07 Cup Of Cheer
21:44 Christmas Punch
23:59 So Many Foods This Year!
24:51 Sleeping Beauty Castle Holiday
25:26 Royal Street Veranda
25:49 Cranberry Fritters With Dipping sauce
27:24 We missed the Parade
28:10 Mint Julep Bar
28:43 Maple Beignets
30:33 Santa!
30:45 Sleeping Beauty Castle Lighting
31:36 Docking Bay 7
32:37 Yobshrimp With Swamp grains
34:10 Trandoshan Style Pasta
35:59 Destran Ice Cap
38:23 Red Rose taverne
39:09 Holiday Grey Stuff
39:24 Holiday Flat Bread
40:52 Where to Watch Fireworks
41:41 Fireworks may be cancelled
42:32 Snow Holiday Show
43:06 Gibson Girl
43:45 Peppermint Sundae
44:44 Ice Cream Sandwich
46:01 Giveaway
46:34 Thank You For Watch