This year was one of the craziest years of my life on so many levels. So many things happened, so many experiences changed me and I was lucky enough to meet so many people that shaped one of the most treasured years I have ever experienced. This video is a long one, but it is worth watching if you want to see my transformation throughout this year.

If you want to skip around to see specific countries I have experienced then check the timestamps below. For optimal viewing experence, watch the vide on a TV screen vs. a mobile phone.

Intro: 00:15
Colombia 🇨🇴: 2:10
Mexico 🇲🇽: 3:55
Dubai (UAE) 🇦🇪: 6:05
Egypt 🇪🇬: 8:40
Portugal 🇵🇹: 12:27
Summer 2021: 17:43
Lebanon 🇱🇧: 18:58
Kurdistan 🇹🇯: 27:22
Iraq 🇮🇶: 31:15
Jordan 🇯🇴: 34:30
Pakistan 🇵🇰: 39:14

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