Solo Camping, Hiking & Backpacking the Arctic, above the Polar circle, at 70° North under the Midnight Sun.

An incredible national park above the Arctic circle with no people in sight. I spend 5 days backpacking and camping this remote place above the arctic circle with a feeling of Alaskan or Canadian tundra mixed with some Icelandic volcanic formations and waterfalls.

Come along and enjoy!

560km/349miles north of the polar circle

Roughly as far north as:

Wainwright – Alaska
Ulukhatok – Canada
Wrangel Island – Russia

550km/342miles further north than Iceland

About me: I am a Norwegian adventurer and wilderness explorer. My youtube channel focus on outdoor wilderness adventures and exploration, backpacking, hiking, canyoneering, skiing, climbing and mountaineering. Nights spent in a tent, alone or with friends. I love the Wilderness! Email is under “For business inquiries”, for general questions please comment on a video, I try to answer everyone.

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Music by Melantopia

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