There are times in life when you visit a place, you think “Hey, its so beautiful!” and then 7 days later you’re happy enough to head back home… THIS is not one of those places. For me, the Cameron Highlands elicit reactions more along the lines of “Honey, can we live here… like, forever? This place is just incredible!”

Not least because of how much this area reminds me of where I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, the Cameron Highlands of Central Malaysia are a truly wonderful environment to behold. If you do have the chance to visit this part of Thailand, hey, wait a minute 🙂 This is what YOU said to ME when we told you that we were going to visit Malaysia… So, I guess I should instead say, Thank You to all of you who recommended this amazing place, and again most of all thank you to our friends who gave us the chance to stay here (at their place) so long in the first place!

We love this part of the world, there’s still one more video to come, but first I hope you LOVE trekking around a bit in the jungle with Li and I today – a really special place, and our first visit to a real rainforest together!


Here is the location of the tea shop/tea fields, on
Google Maps –
Here is the location of the high point of our hiking today, also on
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