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In October 2022 I hiked a part of the Alta Via 2 route in the Dolimites, Italy. My route started at Passo Rodella (1870m) where I headed into the Peitlerkofelgruppe. I camped in Val della Roa just past Forcella della Roa (2617m). The second day I headed into the Puezgruppe and camped near the peak of Sass da Ciampac (2667m). Day 3 I headed down to Passo Gardena (2121m) and up into Gruppo del Sella into the fog. I passed Refugio Franco Cavazza al Piscidù (2587m) and headed through the snow to Refugio Boè without seeing a single person. On day 4 the weather had cleared and I headed down to Passo Pordoi from where I drove to Gruppo della Marmolada only to find out my originally planned route was closed off due to recent avalanche activity last summer. Plan B: I drove to Malga Ciapela, and headed up to Pas de Ombreta (2702m) on the backside of the Marmolada Gruppo. I spent the night at Bivacco Marco Dal Bianco. Day 5: Trail E650
to the peak Ombreta Orientale (3011m), then via the AV2 route to Passo de le Cirèle (2683m) and Passo San Pelligrino. On day 6 I headed to Passo Valles from whereI made my way to Bivacco Giorgio Brunner on the AV2 route, via Forcella Margherita (2655m) and Passo delle Farangole (2814m). Day 7 I merged back with the AV2, passed Refugio di Rosetta and Refugio Pradidali then headed up into the massif of Pale di San Martino Parco Naturale. I tried to reach another bivacco only to find out it was only reachable by a climbers route. Instead I wild camped on the (cold) plateau. On day 8 I headed to Passo delle Lede and down to Val Canali. From there I drove to the Tre Cime (Dreizinnen) where I spent my final night above the Dreizinnenhütte on Sasso di Sesto (2539m).

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This is an ambient film without dialog.

0:00 Drone intro
1:09 Day 1: Golden sunset
2:59 Day 2: Camping on the mountain top
7:15 Day 3: Fog and snow to closed refuge
11:28 Day 4: Bivacco next to the tallest peak in the Dolomites
17:02 Day 5: Sleeping in a chapel
20:29 Day 6: Red bivacco in a hidden valley
24:54 Day 7: Wildcamping on the Passo San Pelligrino plateau
29:25 Day 8: To the Tre Cime (Dreizinnen)
32:47 Day 9: Tre Cime (Dreizinnen)

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