Plein Air Painting for the first time at Yosemite National Park! In this travel & art vlog, I’ll share two alla prima oil paintings I made at Yosemite, breathtaking mountain views, and relaxing hikes. I’m challenging myself to try new things to grow as an artist. Plein air painting was very daunting at first, but I think I learned a lot from our two days in Yosemite and it’s so rewarding to see my oil painting confidence grow! It’s an exhilarating feeling when the painting finally comes together and you have a physical momento of the beauty you spent hours looking at. Combining my love for travel, nature hikes, and painting was really an ideal artist’s vacation. Let me know if you enjoy this kind of vlog!


Yosemite National Park Locations Visited: Tunnel View, Yosemite Valley, Lower Yosemite Falls Trail, Swinging Bridge Picnic Area, Valley View, Bridalveil Falls, Mirror Lake Loop Trail.

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💖 Art supplies:
Pochade Box:
Tripod for pochade box (better than the one I got):
Gessoboard Panel:
Palette Scraper:
Strathmore Bristol Paper:
Tabletop Easel:
Gamblin Solvent Free Gel:
Princeton Aspen Brush Set:
Gamblin 1980 oil paint set :
Gamblin Artists Oil paint set:
Gamblin Mediums Set:
Professional Grade Princeton Paintbrush Set:
Student Grade Princeton Paintbrush set:
Palette knives:
Large Wooden Easel (similar to mine):
Golden Acrylic Paint Set:
Large Rives BFK Paper:
Canson Watercolor Paper:
Woodless Colored Pencils:
Woodless Graphite Pencils:
White Acrylic Gesso:

🎬 Filming Equipment:
Camera & Lens:
Desk tripod:
Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro

📚 Books in Studio:
Keys to Painting Faces and Figures:
Icons of Women Artists:
Drawing from Life:
“Small Interiors” by Kleine Raume
Monet and Chicago:
Frida Kahlo:

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