Here are our biggest RV mistakes and mishaps we encountered in 2021. Some were small, others were a bit more serious and led to unexpected expenses which affected our overall RV living costs.


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Our Story
Nathan and I met my senior of college. He had recently moved back to the states after living in Italy. When I learned about the lifestyle he’d been creating for himself over the last 6 years:

6 months in Cambodia, 1 year in Germany, 2 years in Italy… I was blown away.
I guess I never imagined living that way was an option unless you had a lot of money.

Nathan would work in California for 2 years, save every dollar he could, move abroad, find a job in that country, live there for 1-2 years and then do it all over again. Each time, he’d learn the language of that country, acquire new skills & make lifelong friends.

After about 12 months of prepping (and saving), we were ready for our first big adventure together. So we packed our bags and made the BIG move to Australia!

Nathan worked as a private personal trainer and I was a marketing consultant.

After spending 3 years there and getting to travel to some seriously awesome destinations on that side of the world, we were hooked! We promised ourselves that we had to find a way to work and travel full time together!

We then re-organized our lives for remote work and continued to travel, even if it meant taking a pay cut at first.

And then added “making videos” to the mix (starting with just our iPhones!) hoping to SHARE all the amazing things we’d experience along the way.

Currently, we’re planning our second year of RVing across the USA. It doesn’t always look pretty but we’re gonna make it fun either way!

The grind and hustle we put in to our jobs and videos has been quite full on and the support from people has been amazing. Our ultimate dream is go all-in on video production and be able to cut back our hours working other jobs.

Thank you for supporting!

Olivia & Nathan
ON World Travel