Back in November 2021 I was invited to Dubai to create a new video for my channel. However I saw this as an opportunity to create something completely different to anything I had ever done before. A short film style travel video.
Something I had been wanting to make for so long but never had he right opportunity until this trip. It definitely tested everything I knew and pushed myself and the team to the limits to capture and prepare everything we needed.
With traditional B roll travel videos usually you plan a little and then shoot what ever happens and put it together later when you get home but the nature of this film was much different. If anything fell out of place
or didn’t work out for the story on the day we would have had to cancel the concept and go with a plan B. With so many variables and unforeseen events that could go wrong and stop this film from coming to life eg. actors pulling out, chasing day light to name a few, It was an incredibly challenging experience to keep the end goal staying a float.
But as a team we worked very hard together to make sure this vision could come to life, as difficult and challenging as it was, It ended up being the most rewarding thing I’ve ever made.

Special thanks to @Visit Dubai For giving us the opportunity to make this film possible


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