Out There is the product of a passion project. After visiting Washington for the first time, Mikayla and I knew we had to return, as there was still so much to see. Despite the incredible workload we were undertaking back home, we made time and pursued this adventure. This film encompasses both the successes and failures of our trip. From the gorgeous views to the roadblocked trails, we had an unforgettable experience. In this film, you’ll see us travel to various places such as Forks, Bellingham, Rialto Beach, North Cascades, Mt. Baker, and more. Each location represents the variety of environments found within Washington. If you have never visited this state or the PNW in general, I highly recommend you change that. You will see the most beautiful sights imaginable and discover a second home found in the wonderland that is the PNW.

Filming this adventure was quite a challenge. I have never captured a film that so heavily relied on the use of a tripod. However, this reignited my creative mindset and allowed me to capture picturesque compositions and (what I believe to be) thought-provoking shots. Attempting to capitalize on such a simplistic idea was truly motivating for me. Usually, I’m running with a gimbal, using effects, and always finding a way to work in that sweet 120p. Instead, I fell in love with the calm and simple aspect of filmmaking: capturing the shot for what it is on its own.

This film was truly fulfilling to create. Mikayla and I are incredibly excited for the future travel films to come, but we will always look back on this one with fond memories. I believe this is the start of something new for us as creatives, hikers, and a couple.

Out There represents the beauty that is found when you leave the seclusion of your home, workplace, or common ground. Exploring the unknown or further appreciating the known is where you find the joy life has to offer. However, this is only the description of a YouTube video, and as the great J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “The world isn’t in your books and maps, it’s out there.”

Change your scenery. Explore the unknown. Question your perspective.

Go and experience what is out there.