The top question we get is how much does it cost to travel the world? In today’s video we share the main components of travel, including transportation, lodging, food and entertainment. We also discuss the types of world travelers and how we travel in retirement, along with important factors like country cost and speed of travel. So whether you are a budget traveler, a luxury traveler or somewhere in between, we hope this gives you a better idea on estimating your world travel costs.

We hope you enjoyed this cost of world travel video. Be sure to watch our other travel videos, along with our retirement travel videos as we travel the world on an retirement adventure of a lifetime.

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As the Retirement Travelers, we have always dreamed of traveling, but we never in a million years thought we would become travel vloggers and start a YouTube channel. But, that is what we did! We work hard every day to become better and create something that others will enjoy. Having a community of friends, old and new, follow our journey is fun and exciting to us.

In 2019, we achieved our goal of visiting every state in the union in our Airstream. We also visited every national park in the lower 48. We are big believers in lists, so of course we plan to see the remaining 12 parks in the next few years.

In 2021, we made the big decision to extreme downsize to just a large and small backpack, each. We started our journey around the world beginning in Central America. We hope that over the next many years, we will have seen many beautiful things, made many memories and new friends, and shared the experience with our children and grandchildren.

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