In this 8K HDR walking tour video (part 1) of Switzerland, we present architecture, landscape, and the vibes of Zermatt village, a car-free and one of TOP-5 vacation villages of Switzerland. Zermatt lies at the foot of the Matterhorn mountain, which is probably the world’s most photographed mountain. This mountain (and the river running through the village) captivates you and your soul, and follows you wherever you walk and hike in and around this charming and, soothing village….an amazing Experience!
In this video, we start at Kirchbrücke (church bridge), and walk through and around the kirchstraase and Oberdorfstrasse streets towards the south region of the village before reaching to the Gorner Gorge (Gornerschlucht) and then walk back towards Zermatt main train station. Enjoy the scenic panoramic walk views of the Zermatt village, landscapes and iconic Matterhorn mountain in this 8K resolution summer season video
Tourist information:
#aksense #zermatt #switzerland

Recording date: 17th June 2022
Temperature: 26 – 30 degree C (quite hot day)
Humidity: 25 – 35 %

Support Team: Andrea S.
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