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✨ Yogyakarta travel diary β€” an (amateur) film 🎞 | explore Indonesia (new normal) ✨

First of all, I never really imagined I’d have a video about my life in Indonesia… so this one is really special!!😭 I’m so excited yet so nervous because, i dunno, i feel like vlogging in Indo and Hong Kong are quite different.

The last time I was in Jogjakarta, I was with my high school friends for an official study tour back in 2010. 3 years later I moved to Hong Kong and everytime I went back home, I never really visited Jogja. So, this time I finally took the chance and went on this trip… and man, it was fun!

The whole journey was nothing fancy – we tried traditional food, we stayed in a decent hotel near the busy district, we took the 6hrs ride train… But all those things are what made this trip so meaningful. πŸ’– Plus, Jogja really depicts a vintage city where Indonesian heritage is still well preserved – you can really spot a car and a horse carriage (ie. Andong) side by side. On rainy days, Jogja looked so romantic, especially with the street lights on.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this video! As usual, I think of this as my personal archive (where I can show Jogja’s beauty in an aesthetic way) and not a travel guide or something, sooo I didn’t really talk much here hehe πŸ˜€
I guess I’ll see you guys on another video soon! And how soon is soon? Only the universe knows.
– Sheren

πŸ’« Special THANKS to my family – my mama Monica, my aunty Morina, ci Jessica and ko Gideon – for organizing this trip, and for being understanding whenever I wanted to shoot something but had no idea what & how.
to my bestie Carol, for being an awesome travel buddy and co star!
(ps: also shout out to ko Gideon, my part-time cameraman hahahah you helped me so much thanks ko!!!)

πŸŒ… useful website:
PT KAI (tiket kereta api) – https://www.kai.id
Hotel Patra Malioboro – https://www.traveloka.com/en-sg/hotel/indonesia/patra-malioboro-hotel-9000000928297

πŸŒ… interesting places:
Prambanan Temple – https://borobudurpark.com/en/temple/prambanan-2/
Taman Sari Yogyakarta – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taman_Sari_(Yogyakarta)
Borobudur Temple (not in the video) – https://www.indonesia.travel/id/en/destinations/java/magelang-regency/borobudur

πŸš† Musics:
0:00 – Arrow Flies by Paper Planes – https://artlist.io/song/48785/arrow-flies
0:33 – Friend till the End by Gabe Price – https://artlist.io/song/68645/friend-till-the-end
2:31 – Time Travelling by Sarah Kang & Anthony Lazaro – https://artlist.io/song/65025/time-traveling
5:23 – Half as Good by Benj Heard – https://artlist.io/song/52056/half-as-good
7:35 – Summer is For Falling in Love by Sarah Kang – https://artlist.io/song/42155/summer-is-for-falling-in-love
10:36 – The Best Thing by Paper Planes – https://artlist.io/song/60933/the-best-thing

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Travel from Hong Kong to Indonesia: https://youtu.be/itmKVv7RrRw

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Camera: Sony ZV-1, iPhone X, go pro
Editing: Final Cut Pro

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