Hello!! Welcome back to my channel and part two of my Korea travel series!! I first want to preface this by saying we were in Seoul for a work trip, so between the limited time and having stomach flu from a meal prior to my trip (πŸ₯²), these were the only few we were able to visit. As mentioned in the intro, Seoul has over 18,000 cafes; from animal cafes to themed cafes, so I hope to be back next time to experience it properly!!

Check out Andy’s video below and the reason why we were in Korea!! ‡

iPhone 14 Pro Cinematic 4K: Seoul | HDR:

List of cafes mentioned + others I wanted to try:
Cafe Onion Anguk
Felt Coffee
Gallery & Dessert Cafe
%Arabica – Starfield Library
Nuldam Space – Gyeongbok Palace
Cafe Kitsune
AYA Coffee
Cafe Nap Roasters
Greem Cafe
Green Mile Coffee
Thanks, Oat
Ouvert Seoul
Madang Flower Cafe

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