We travelled to Greece! It’s been 3 years since our honeymoon, so we had to recreate it and this is how it went. Chasing sunrise, dreamy spots in Rhodes Greece and walking almost an hour just for ice cream. The things we do when the babies aren’t around!! Hope you enjoy this travel vlog as much as we enjoyed making it.

0:00 Intro
1:45 Arriving in Rhodes
4:22 Room Tour
5:45 Day 2: Kalithea & Gelato!
14:00 Chasing Sunrise!
17:56 Day 3: Lindos & Chill
23:15 Day 4: Tsampika & Seven Springs
28:34 Date Night
31:27 Day 5: Anthony Quinn & Israelite Journey
42:49 Last Day With Everyone
44:00 Heading Home

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Glad to have you here.

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