Hi everybody! In this vlog, I’ll show you around Kurashiki, the birthplace of washi tapes (masking tapes)! 💜 We went to Okayama last July for the Masking Tape Factory Tour (next vlog) & also participated in mt-related events! http://instagram.com/rainbowholic

Places featured in the video:
* Arrived at JR Kurashiki Station after riding the sleeper train
* Breakfast at Doutor
* Stayed at The One FiveGarden Hotel (Super recommended hotel! It has free afternoon tea.)
* Went to mt school at Entsuji Temple (via train & taxi)
* Had lunch nearby (I forgot the name of the ryokan)
* Took a break and had the afternoon tea at the hotel.
* Explored Bikan Historical Quarter
* Shopped at these stationery shops: Atiburanti & T.S.L Kurashiki
* Got a stamp from the tourist information center

Watch the first part here:
* Riding an Overnight Sleeper Train in Japan 🚂 | Sunrise Izumo
– https://youtu.be/xWxkmWMOZt4

We would like to thank ACE Japan for helping us make this trip possible!
Global store: https://www.ace-bags.com/ 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGBRs77nbDQWH3NS9PMQLw 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acebags1940
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ace_bags_since1940

Here are the bags that we brought with us during this trip:
* 360T_Cabin S (Blue)

* BIENA Backpack (Navy / 13.3” laptop)

* Kanana Freeway Crossbody (Navy)

* GAGETABLE CB Backpack (Black)

* HANSREE-SD Sling (Black)

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