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Out of our parents 2.5 week vacation in Thailand, we had to take them down to Krabi! We decided to go to Railay Beach – one of our favorite places in Krabi! We stayed at the Railay Princess Resort & Spa – which was amazing (that’s our honest opinion – not sponsored at all)! We were able to set up an airport transfer through the hotel which made it SO convenient! They picked us up at the airport, drove us to the pier, and had a boat take us directly to the hotel! The west side of Railay Beach is AMAZING for sunsets so we were lucky enough to see a really good one our first night!
The next day we wanted to do the 4 island tour which stops at Poda Island, Tup Island, Chicken Island, and back to Pranang Cave beach on Railay. Instead of paying around 1,000 baht per person to join a tour, we were able to get a private boat for 2,500 baht total! If you’re just two people a private boat would probably be more expensive than joining a tour, however if you’re more than 2 a private boat could actually save you money! And it was also amazing as we had the whole boat to ourselves!
Poda Island was AMAZING as we got there right after 9am so we had the whole islands to ourselves at first!
After that we went to Tup Island. It was pretty busy so we didn’t spend much time there.
We then went to Chicken Island (named so because it looks like a chicken head). Here we were able to snorkel and look at the chicken head.
When we headed back to Railay we were able to boat around the different limestone cliffs next to the beach which was so cool to see up close!!!
Our parents thought the 4 Island Tour was the coolest thing ever!!! After the boat we went to eat lunch at Tew Lay Bar! It’s one of the last bar/restaurants on Railay Beach, however it’s definitely worth a visit! They have the famous wooden cafe platform over the water, great Thai food, and the employees are SO nice! We got to play with their pet parrot and they let us feed the giant black wild squirrels!!
Everyone was tired from lunch so we went back to the hotel to relax before going out for dinner. As it’s Railay Beach, we of course had to have grilled fish BBQ for dinner!
The next morning we walked down the cave lined path to Pranang Cave Beach. Our parents were amazed by the caves and also by all the rock climbers! We had to stop by the famous penis cave so our parents could see…. 🀣 then we relaxed the beach…..which ended up getting interrupted by a giant monitor lizard!!!
We had to walk back along part of Pranang Beach during high tide. We then saw all the people trying to climb up the path to the viewpoint and blue lagoon (which we didn’t do with our parents, but you can see our video where we did in April!). We had some more grilled fish for our last dinner in Railay.
The next morning our parents woke us up as there were TONS of monkeys right outside our hotel!!! We watched them for a while before leaving Railay to take the ferry to Phi Phi Islands!
Phi Phi Islands video coming soon πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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00:38 flying from Bangkok to Krabi
01:04 Airport transfer from Krabi Airport to Railay Beach
01:57 our amazing hotel on Railay Beach
02:36 first views of Railay Beach
02:56 Sunset on Railay Beach
03:03 walking to breakfast
03:45 our parents first Thai national anthem
04:23 hotel breakfast
04:49 starting the 4 Islands Tour
05:12 Poda Island, Krabi
06:26 Tup Island, Krabi
06:55 Chicken Island, Krabi
07:09 Krabi Drone Shots
07:40 thoughts on the 4 Island Tour
08:46 Tew Lay Bar Railay
09:57 Thai food for lunch
10:26 mom’s loud sneeze
11:00 Fish BBQ for dinner
12:04 Caves on Railay Beach
12:22 rock climbing on Railay Beach
13:21 Penis cave on Railay (Pranang Cave)
14:06 Pranang Cave Beach
14:58 giant lizard on Railay Beach!
15:50 high tide on Pranang Beach
16:24 the path to the viewpoint and blue lagoon
16:36 ferry tickets from Railay to Phi Phi
17:03 failed rainy beach sunset
17:18 more grilled fish for dinner
18:14 tons of monkeys on Railay!
19:23 leaving Railay to go to the Phi Phi Islands

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