Europe to Asia – A special moment arrives in our cycling around the world tour! We take the ferry across the Bosphorus and roll our bikes onto the Asian continent. Istanbul keeps us in its grip with massive highway construction plans, connecting surrounding cities, and we drink tea with one of the building teams. We find our way to the Turkish countryside and ride through peaceful villages and meet so many welcoming people along the way that we feel right at home. We spend an evening and are asked to stay for the night with a wonderful family. When the morning comes it is hard to say goodbye but our tyres are bound east… We find the perfect camp spot in a hazelnut grove but the relaxing evening turns into a gunshot filled night.

To see, feel, smell, hear and taste everything the road has to offer will be so much different than watching a documentary or reading a book about it. Sometimes it will be difficult and most of the time fantastic. We hope you will find some inspiration in our video’s and maybe fuel your dreams as so many other have done for us.

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