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-So how much money do you need to cycle the world?
You need $300 USD minimum per month for mostly food and accommodation. That is 10$ a day, $3,600 a month.
You need around $1,200 for tour, visa, maintain, transportation, insurance, and others.
You need $5,000 a year minimum included flight to cycle on the one of three routes.

-How about Initial purchase?
If you don’t have any camping gear and bicycle, then you need to spend a minimum $2,000. I always think good camping gears are more important than expensive bicycle cause expensive camping gear can make your trip easier. But an expensive bicycle like costing $3,000 doesn’t change much. And this is not a race, so there is no point to cycle faster. If you have all gears already before starting, you might need to spend only $500 for extra stuff. I saw a few cyclists traveling with a real cheap bicycle that it’s possible to spend $500 for everything.

-Total how much do you need?
You need at least $7,000 included gears and everything to cycle the world. I must tell that this is an extremely small budget and this is quite hard to survive. But still, it’s somehow fun and I see many people cycled the world with this small budget.

-What kind of other budgets there are?
Some crazy people cycle the world with only $2,500 per year. I can’t imagine how it’s like as to cycle the world with $5,000 was extremely hard for me. With $5,000 yearly budget, I could stay at cheap hostel or hotel only sometimes. And I could get only $1-$3 meal that it’s very hard to go to a restaurant which costs like more than $10. For tour, I had only one or two impressive thing per year like visiting Serengeti Safari tour for three days, $300.
If you spend around $12,000 a year or more than that, your trip would become easy and you can try different dish at the restaurant around $10 meal. You can have different tours more. As you spend more money, your travel becomes comfortable.

-How is different from Backpacker budget?
If you want to travel the world with $5,000 as a backpacker, You have to be a hitchhiker. For a backpacker, the minimum budget is $12,000 as you have to take a transportation all the time and pay hostels as you don’t carry camping gears. $24,000 is common budget for a backpacker for world tour.
As you see, cycling world cost only half price than backpacking as they save up on accommodations and transportation.
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00:03:52 Total how much do you need?
00:04:19 What kind of other budgets there are?
00:05:22 How does it cost for Backpacking?
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